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Wedding venue design that suits your personality

We can’t wait for the wedding season at Crumplebury.

As we head further into the 21st century, we’re seeing more and more weddings that stray from the conventional. Whilst modern couples still like to maintain aspects of traditional weddings, such as walking down the aisle and holding a wedding reception, many are opting for quirky accents to their wedding design that inject personality and character – from small additions, like table design, to more integral elements, such as the setting of the venue.


Whilst many couples still opt for the traditional chapel ceremony, others are saying their vows in alternative venues – with some embracing nature and having their wedding outdoors. As a newly engaged couple, you and your partner may have already envisioned your perfect wedding – but how can you adapt your venue design to suit your personalities?


What’s your true style?

When it comes to choosing the overall theme and design of your wedding venue, consider looking a little closer to home. Have you chosen traditional styles for your home interiors, or have you gone for slightly quirkier furnishings? Assessing the overall theme of your home design can give you a good indication of the styles that are true to your personality. If you find that you like traditional, classic styles, then you might opt for an indoor wedding ceremony, personalised with family pictures and heirlooms, and decorated with overhanging flower bouquets. If you find that you’re slightly quirkier and alternative in style, then you might prefer a festival themed wedding set within an outdoor tipi, as an example.  


Scent your venue

When choosing a signature fragrance for your venue, choose a scent that’s meaningful to you and your partner – and, of course, one that you love. Those who love the traditional style might opt for candles dispersed around the venue; alternatively, reed and oil diffusers can offer a slightly more sophisticated aesthetic.

Cultural interests and hobbies

Incorporating aspects of your personal interests and hobbies is one of the best ways that you can personalise your wedding décor. If you’re interested in travel, you might use your favourite destination as inspiration for the theme, or place custom-decorated mini globes alongside your table centrepieces. Alternatively, if you and your partner are passionate foodies, then you could arrange for DIY dessert stations, donut walls or create your wedding breakfast menu with a collection of unique dishes.


Be attentive to the finer details

There’s a lot that can be said for paying attention to the finer details. From anything as small as personalising your wedding confetti to decorating old family photographs with rustic frames, these can really work to accentuate and enhance the theme that you’re going for. If you’re an avid book reader, you might create small piles of rustic, classic hardbacks as part of your table centrepieces; or, if you’re a keen traveller, you could name the tables with inspiration from your favourite destinations.


However large or small, making contributions to your wedding décor that work to reflect and enhance your true personality and style will make your day special to you, and will never go unnoticed by your guests.

Joe Evans - Owner

 “It has been wonderfully exciting to create Crumplebury. To carefully craft the perfect events space and with the help of some very clever people, witness our vision becoming a reality.”

Keeley Evans - Owner

“It has been wonderfully exciting to create Crumplebury. To carefully craft the perfect events space and with the help of some very clever people, witness our vision becoming a reality.”


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