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How to choose a signature scent for your wedding venue

We can't wait for the wedding season at Crumplebury.

Memories are strongly associated with sensory experiences; by looking at photographs, for example, we are visually triggered to remember special moments. Similarly, our memories can be triggered by smelling a familiar scent, prompting us to remember a certain special event. Scentscaping has thus become an integral part of wedding planning, whereby the bride and groom choose their preferred scent for the venue – and this acts to create a specific mood and atmosphere.


The mood

If you’re in the process of planning your wedding, you’ve probably already got some idea of the sort of mood you’d like to create. Some couples like to opt for a citrus scent, such as orange, to create an energising, fresh aroma, whilst others prefer a floral based scent, which contrastingly, adds a romantic feel to the space.


Alternatively, you might take inspiration from a special memory for your signature scent. This could be the place you got engaged, or where you went on your first date. If the beach is nostalgic to you, for example, try incorporating sea salt or marine-based candle scents.


Scented candles and oil diffusers

If you’re looking for concentrated scents for your venue, your best options are scented candles and oil diffusers. Whilst room sprays can be a good option, watered-down sprays – such as those with an eau de toilette base – can lack in quality and longevity. However, a parfum can provide a concentrated scent that’s long-lasting due to its higher oil content.


Entrances and bathrooms are popular places for scented candles, whilst oil diffusers are commonly sparsely placed around the venue. These are a great option for the reception, since they can be adjusted to a lower setting for meal times. It’s best to limit fragrances during the Wedding Breakfast, since strong scents can interfere with the taste experience.


If you opt for scented candles across the table, be careful not to mix scents. A single candle already contains an amalgamation of ingredients, so combining it with a different scent can result in a confused aroma. It’s best to opt for one signature scent, and combine this with fragrance free candles.

Shopping for your fragrance

When you’re choosing your fragrance, take some friends along with you. Although it’s ultimately the bride and groom’s decision, it can be helpful to gain other opinions – and more skin surface area to test out the scents! It’s a good idea to take away some samples that you like and try them on different days. The weather, for example, can affect the scent of a fragrance; as can body temperature.


Before you go fragrance shopping, make sure you take some coffee beans – smelling these between testing fragrances will neutralise your senses. Additionally, if you decide to spray the fragrances on your skin, ensure that you let them air dry – rubbing your skin together can affect the scent.


Add fragrance to your wedding gifts

From your wedding invitations to the take-home favours, adding scent to unexpected items will be a lovely surprise for your guests – and make your day more memorable for them. It’s also a great idea to provide scented confetti, or even give your guests a mini bottle of your wedding fragrance to take home.


At Crumplebury, we can’t wait to open our venue to brides and grooms. Keep your eyes peeled for our grand opening in autumn 2019!

Joe Evans - Owner

 “It has been wonderfully exciting to create Crumplebury. To carefully craft the perfect events space and with the help of some very clever people, witness our vision becoming a reality.”

Keeley Evans - Owner

“It has been wonderfully exciting to create Crumplebury. To carefully craft the perfect events space and with the help of some very clever people, witness our vision becoming a reality.”


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