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Off-sites, parties, conferences – how to do them differently and invest in your people

We can't wait for the grand opening of Crumplebury.

In a world of email, webinars and remote working, face-to-face gatherings have grown in importance – but it’s also crucial that you get them right so everyone feels that it has been a good investment, in time as well as money.

At Crumplebury, we like to do things a bit differently and we’d highly recommend setting a theme or ‘area of key focus’ for your corporate event. This will set the tone for the day/evening, and ensure you attract as many guests as possible. Before finding a theme, though, there are some important questions to ask:


What’s your purpose/goal?

Take some time to think about the main reasons you’re hosting the event. Is it to build relationships between your employees, celebrate an occasion/recent achievement or establish future business goals? Thinking about the why will help you to set an appropriate tone for the occasion.


If you’re looking to host an event that drives your business forward through establishing mutual goals and strategies, then you might think about planning time for a business meeting, followed by an afternoon of fun and team building – such as cocktail making, outdoor sports or a sit-down meal.


Who’s attending?

It’s important to consider who your audience will be before establishing a theme. Is it for a particular level of management, a cross-section of the business or a family day where staff’s partners and children get to meet each other? If your purpose is a company update, this will have a very different structure to staff workshops or strategy meetings – so knowing exactly who will be coming is key. 


It’s also helpful to find out how well the guests know each other. If they are mostly remote-working, from different regions or new to the business, then ice-breaking/team building activities should be included – or, at least provide name badges! Even if it’s a group of people that know each other well, a company gathering could be an opportunity to mix people up, introduce new ideas and break down silos.

Are your company values being reflected?

When choosing your theme, make sure to keep your branding and company values in mind. Whilst it’s recommended, of course, to choose a theme that fits in with your goals, it should also resonate with your central brand and values – whether that’s incorporating colours that match your company logo, or including activities that build trust and honesty. It may not be the primary goal of your event, but a company gathering is the perfect opportunity to communicate and strengthen your company values. The stronger the values, the more motivated the staff and the higher the productivity of the company.


What’s the latest in your industry?

Try incorporating something that’s happened most recently within your industry, and use this trend to strengthen your theme. You can also reach out to attendees prior to the event and ask them to provide input based on their knowledge/research. This not only broadens the scope of the event by bringing in new ideas – it also drives engagement with your staff prior to the event.


Search for inspiration

In the initial stages of planning your event, you’ll want to gain some inspiration – especially if you’re stuck for ideas. Why not talk with some of the attendees and ask for their suggestions? Not only will you gain innovative ideas, but it will also work to increase staff engagement. It might also be a good idea to enlist the help of an events planner, who will help you to make the best of your budget whilst helping you organise a personalised event that runs smoothly.


Whatever theme you decide to go for, it should reflect your core values and brand personality, whilst achieving your ultimate goals. 


At Crumplebury, we can’t wait to welcome new guests when we open in November 2019. If you are looking for a venue for your next corporate event, please get in touch, or book your company Christmas party with us to get a taster of what Crumplebury has to offer. Tables are available 7th, 13th, 20th December. 

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Joe Evans - Owner

“It has been wonderfully exciting to create Crumplebury. To carefully craft the perfect events space and with the help of some very clever people, witness our vision becoming a reality.”

Keeley Evans - Owner

“It has been wonderfully exciting to create Crumplebury. To carefully craft the perfect events space and with the help of some very clever people, witness our vision becoming a reality.”


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