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Top 10 wedding preparation tips

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Top 10 wedding preparation tips

 It’s no secret that wedding planning is a lengthy, yet exciting process. You can, of course, hire a wedding planner for a more stress free experience; however, there are things that you, as the bride or groom, can prepare in your own time to ensure the day runs as smoothly as possible.


Create a priority list

Priority lists are essential for helping you stick to your budget in the least complicated way possible. Try creating a separate priority list for your guests; place your closest family members and friends at the top. This way, if you need to cut down guest numbers to save money, you can remove the guests that feature at the bottom.


Similarly, create a priority list of your suppliers and vendors. If the photography and food stalls are the most important aspects of your wedding, keep these at the top. Anything that you’d like to include, but isn’t necessary, add to the list – and place them in order of importance.


Put together an inspiration board

Before you begin your wedding planning, it’s a great idea to gather as much inspiration as you can. Not only will this spark more creativity for your décor, but it’ll also help your wedding planner gain an idea of your visions. Pinterest is great for creating visual boards, offering a vast catalogue of imagery.


Think about your guest numbers

It’s important to have a vague idea of your guest numbers, even before you have secured your venue. You need to ensure that your venue – and your budget – will allow for the amount of guests you’d like. If you find that your budget won’t stretch enough for your desired number of guests, then it may be time to consult your priority list.


Prepare for adverse weather conditions

No matter the season in which you choose to have your wedding, the weather can never be guaranteed – this is England, after all! Of course, there are basic rules – you will need an indoor space for a winter wedding, to prevent your guests from getting too cold. But in the summer, for example, how can you guarantee that you won’t experience the odd shower? If you choose to have an outdoor wedding, always have an alternative – provide ample shelter, whether that’s with pin-up tents or by hiring indoor space.


Choose a realistic time frame

Most couples allow 10 months to 1 year for their wedding planning. This is a highly realistic time frame, allowing brides and grooms enough time to secure a venue and suppliers, whilst giving guests enough time to prepare in advance and avoiding last-minute stress.

Listen to the professionals

Don’t forget to speak to your vendors and suppliers in the planning process. Your photographer, for example, will most likely know the colours and materials that will look the best in pictures. Similarly, the creator of your wedding cake will know the best flavour combinations, and the venue staff will most likely inform you of the most successful entertainment options.


Consider your menu options

The food is one of the most memorable aspects of a wedding. That’s why it’s important to spend time thinking about your menu; think about your guests’ dietary requirements, and consider whether you’d like to incorporate a theme. Similarly, consider the weather – if you’re having a winter wedding, it might be best to offer hearty dishes; alternatively, in the summer, your guests will likely prefer a lighter menu.


Create an interactive itinerary

Try setting up a collaborative document – for example, on Google Docs. Create a basic itinerary, and share it with your close family and friends. This way, they’ll be kept up-to-date with the plan, and can add in their own points if they wish.


Be realistic in your abilities

If you can cut back on costs by incorporating some home-made décor, then by all means, take advantage of your artistic abilities. However, sometimes it’s better to realise where your abilities lie. If art isn’t your forte, for example, you’d most likely benefit from stretching your budget a little and enlisting the help of a professional.


Don’t become too fixated on perfection

Finally, don’t stress about making your big day 100% perfect. You’ll most likely remember your family and friends having a great time, rather than the sequins on your table runner. As long as you and your guests are happy, your day will be a success.


At Crumplebury, we’re excited to start supporting brides and grooms with all aspects of their wedding planning, right up until the big day. To find out more, click here.  

Joe Evans - Owner

“It has been wonderfully exciting to create Crumplebury. To carefully craft the perfect events space and with the help of some very clever people, witness our vision becoming a reality.”

Keeley Evans - Owner

“It has been wonderfully exciting to create Crumplebury. To carefully craft the perfect events space and with the help of some very clever people, witness our vision becoming a reality.”


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