0.00001 food miles. We are proud to be a little bit different. Green Cow menus showcase the food that is produced and foraged from the land around us. Throughout the seasons, the chefs forage for wild garlic, hedgerow berries, damsons, plums, apples, pears, puff balls, elderflower and more...



The health benefits of a countryside escape

The health benefits of a countryside escape

Amongst its stunning, picturesque views and abundant nature, the countryside offers significant mental and physical health benefits, making it the ideal place to escape from everyday life. At Crumplebury, we’re fortunate to be nestled within the Worcestershire...

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Joe Evans - Owner

 “We want our visitors to feel that they are guests in our home.  It’s such a privilege to be able to share our beautiful corner of Herefordshire and we’re excited at this next evolution of the Green Cow journey”

Keeley Evans - Owner

“It has been wonderfully exciting to create Crumplebury.  To carefully craft this stunning events space and witness our vision unfold before our eyes.”


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