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It’s not easy to run a sustainable tourism destination, while still offering a luxurious and memorable experience, however here at Crumplebury it’s been our vision from the start. It’s what we do.

The Crumplebury Carbon Canopy

We are a modern venue on the Herefordshire/Worcestershire border with sustainability at the heart of everything we do. Going above and beyond to treat as lightly on the planet as we can. We introduced a ‘Carbon Canopy’, a voluntary scheme that allows visitors to offset the carbon emissions generated by our guests when travelling to and from the venue, by funding the planting of a new forest. Even guests arriving by helicopter are able to demonstrate net zero carbon emissions.

All our spaces have been architecturally designed with sustainability as a key focus. The team has incorporated recycled estate timber and reclaimed red bricks from an old estate property to incorporate into the build, as well as foraging the estate fields and woodlands to decorate events.

Forestry operations fuel biomass heating

All the heat and hot water used at Crumplebury comes from a biomass system, fuelled by waste timber from the estate’s forestry operations. The water itself is the product of a well, which is effectively a drilled bore hole which allows the team to take all its water needs off grid. The aquafer is soft water with high health benefits which undergoes only minimal UV treatment to ensure its potability – this water is then served to customers, still or sparkling.

Crumplebury is also known for its amazing food offering and our menus often boast zero food miles, working in partnership with our tenant farmer to source beef, pork and lamb from the organic home farm. Our resident gardener is also responsible for the herbs and vegetables used, and chefs forage in the estate orchards and fields. By championing seasonality, anything which can’t be produced direct is sourced as locally as possible.

Our co-owner, Joe Evans sentiment for sustainability ; “For my generation, it’s about playing our part in combatting climate change. We strive to tread as lightly as possible on the planet.”